Magic Mirror Model Cambridge

Our Magic Mirror model Cambridge is the latest model in our portfolio. The magic mirror convinces with its innovative design and its low weight. At only 52 kg, the Magic Mirror is a real lightweight and therefore easy to transport. Its compact design of only 136 x 22 cm is also an advantage. Once at the event, a fold-out stand provides the necessary stability for the system. There also is a platform where you can place the printer, which you can optionally buy from us, behind the photobooth.

The all-round LED light, which is integrated in the mirror and can be colour-adjusted and dimmed, provides a real play of colours. This draws the guests' attention to the Magic Mirror. Furthermore, the built-in LED countdown ring lets visitors know when the picture will be taken.

The photo mirror is operated via the large 43 inch touch screen monitor. A powerful PC with 8 GB RAM and a fast SSD hard drive as well as a high-quality system camera with 24.1 million pixels round off the affordable model..

The basic price includes the equipment for a fully functional Magic Mirror. Please contact us for add-ons like a professional printer, a flash unit, a coinslot/card reader, a hood cover or one of our different frames. 

5.780,00 €
excl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)
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Magic Mirror


You would like to buy a Magic Mirror as a marketing tool for a different range of application? Get informed without obligation about the possibilities of financing!

Magic Mirror


All our photo booth systems - developed and handcrafted in our in-house workshop - can be viewed at our showroom! Ask for a date to visit us at our company.


Everyone who is organizing events is looking for a special highlight that attracts the attention of the visitors. The Magic Mirror Cambridge achieves this easily through various technical features:

  • large housing and mirror
  • LED stripe for different colours
  • LED countdown ring
  • video animations on screen/mirror

The size of the model Cambridge alone means it cannot go unnoticed at any event. Everyone becomes curious when passing by the Magic Mirror. Through the eye-catching LED lighting around the mirror and also around the camera you can see the photo booth even from a distance. Especially in darker rooms the lights guide the visitors in front of the mirror. The most striking feature are the video animations which are shown on the mirror. You are completely free in the design and you can adapt them to your event.


There is always a reason to celebrate. May it be a birthday party, a wedding, a company anniversary, a shop opening, a product release or just being at a specific place (try out new glasses in a store, being on holiday at a hotel, being at a theme park). In all these situations many people love to take photos to capture these moments in pictures. The software option to include layouts to the photos (with design, name, logo or slogan on it) makes the pictures an individual souvenir for wedding guests or a memorable marketing tool.

With the Magic Mirror Cambridge you get a reasonably priced entry-level photo booth model but which offers you all possibilities of a photo booth. You get an eye-catcher for amazing full-body pictures with everything you need to run the Magic Mirror: camera, computer, LED frame and professional software with many functions. In addtion, you can order a flash unit, a printer, a hood cover or a transportation case.


The model Cambridge makes full-body pictures possible but is at the same time a lightweight Magic Mirror. The transport between different events and locations is therefore easy to manage. The built-in castors also help to move the Magic MIrror Cambridge easily. During events the sturdy housing and the safety glass mirror will protect the technique inside the Magic Mirror photo booth. For the transport we offer you addtional protection in form of a transportation case or hood cover.