Magic Mirror


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Magic Mirror


All our photo booth systems - developed and handcrafted in our in-house workshop - can be viewed at our showroom! Ask for a date to visit us at our company.


By buying a magic mirror photo booth, commercial event organizers, public institutions, community centers, event agencies or companies of all kind will have a powerful crowd puller. Wether in daily use at prominent locations like a hotel lobby or a cinema lounge or at events: a photo booth coming like a mirror is surely attracting your guests. To have extensive and longlasting fun with such a photo booth you should look for professional quality. And that´s why you should stick with us for this point, as we are offering high quality magic mirror photo booths: Here you get to choose from probably the biggest selection of magic mirror models and high-class manufacturing which can be found in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland area.

Here we will highlight some of the main reasons why buying a photo mirror from us is the right decision.


  • Quality made in Germany
  • Equipped with brand technology
  • Great selection of innovative model versions of the magic mirror
  • Wide range of functions and user interactivity by the photo mirror
  • A lot of high quality equipment for the magic mirror



Photo mirrors are elaborated to work as a mobile photo booth but also for durable and extensive use. This requires high demands to the construction and workmanship of such a photo booth - particularly because a Magic Mirror comes with a huge reflecting surface depending on its model which must not be damaged while in use or transported or even stored.

With our Magic Mirror models you rely on quality made in Germany: We have developed our photo mirrors in our inhouse workshop. Also the robust corpuses of the different Magic Mirror types are crafted here. We use only top-quality material and have thought carefully about the internal system of the photo booths produced by us: All technical components like camera, touch pad and printer have their secure place in a compact sourrounding. Individually adjusted robust transport cases round off every Magic Mirror package.

The operation is quite easy: the guests simply touch the touchscreen and make their selection. The system even offers options such as manual signatures on images or the installation of emojs on the photos.


Great selection of innovative model versions of the Magic Mirror

Also the great selection of models speak for purchasing an innovative photo booth as a high-class mirror for all range of application. From a voluminous eye-catcher in the form of a full-body mirror as tall as a man, with modern smartphone design or timeless frames to glamouros models which remind one of mirrors of the fashion industry, to flexible compact photo mirrors in a round format: In our selection you will find the fancy or most outstanding mirrors you were looking for. And of course there is the option of having your own custom model designed and crafted by our professional craftsmen.


For all the mirror photo booths manufactured by us we use only brand technology components. Starting with the camera which is a Canon 200 D single lens reflex camera (SLR) and a proven model for top-quality photo booth pictures, to high resolution OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays as giant touch screens and Barebone Nano PCs as core for image processing and handling to high-class thermo sublimination printers and several different flash units for a perfect illumination level: All components of the Magic Mirror you can buy from us have been proven and tested under harsh conditions of fotobox application. As event photographers with longtime experience we know exactly what is important in choosing components for a Magic Mirror. It should not only look impressive but should also be assembled reliably as a photo booth over a long period of time. And the mirror amazes with brilliant photos, fast print outs in studio quality, easy handling and a wider range of functions.


Large spectrum of functions inside the photo mirror

An important point for buying a Magic Mirror from our specialized workshop is the large bandwidth of functions a photo booth can offer. Be it the compact models like "Liverpool" or "Glasgow", more glamouros models like "Oxford" or "York", as well as the large-scale eye-catcher like "Manchester", "London" or Leeds: All our photo mirror models contain the same extensive software package. We work tightly together with the developers of the special software DSLR Remote Pro which stands out with a large variety of functions and intuitive usability of the touch screen user interface. Wether taking single or multiple photo shots, using the Magic Mirror as a video booth or recording funny Boomerang animations, image editing using emojis, icons and own drawings, different picture formats for printing and sharing the recordings on social media channels: This software makes everything possible you and your customers or guests wish of a photo mirror. Of course you can choose different backgrounds to mix in the photo composition by using a greenscren for the recording. The software will edit the photo and remove unneccessary pixels to cut out persons or accessories to match the background in good quality.


Lots of high-quality equipment for the Magic Mirror

As an experienced photo booth distributor we do not only offer you top-class crafted photo mirrors that are reliable in doing their job as Magic Mirrors you can purchase. We can also offer you the right equipment for your photo booth configuration e.g. greenscreens and accessories.

It could also be interesting for you to have a cash system integrated into your booth which will take coins or banknotes via a slot or a full credit card system. Also the glamorous setting for the presentation of a photo mirror should not be missing at any event which can be achieved by placing golden poles and a red carpet to support the mirror we have on offer.

Speak to us or write us to get expert advice on our Magic Mirror systems to receive an offer that fits your needs and imagination for an individually customized photo mirror.

Of course we will be there for you after you purchase a product from us. We offer you training and software tutorials. We help you with offer services and have an emergency hotline for your requests even during the weekends.