Magic Mirror Model Leeds

Smart is hip – whether it`s clothing or technical gadgets. There is a reason why the smartphone is the undisputed No. 1 of indispensable everyday-equipment of modern people.

And this is exactly what our Magic Mirror model Leeds stands out for: the design and the housing form are not reminiscent coincidentally of the most beloved gadget of modern media people. Like a giant smartphone, this compact photo mirror is 136cm high and 62cm wide, making it one of the smaller models of its kind. Analogue to that, it just weighs approximately 35kg. This makes it ideal for setting it up in confinded spaces and for a quick and easy transport.

In terms of content, a Magic Mirror in smartphone design fits on every event – from corporate celebrations to promotional events up to weddings. With the purchase of such a photo booth, you secure yourself an innovative crowd-pleaser that attracts attention everywhere and from everyone.

The basic price includes the equipment for a fully functional Magic Mirror. Please contact us for add-ons like a professional printer, a flash unit or a transport case. 

8.090,00 €
excl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)
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Magic Mirror


You would like to buy a Magic Mirror as a marketing tool for a different range of application? Get informed without obligation about the possibilities of financing!

Magic Mirror


All our photo booth systems - developed and handcrafted in our in-house workshop - can be viewed at our showroom! Ask for a date to visit us at our company.


The Magic Mirror model Leeds bright, contrast-high touchscreen with compact 43“ screen diagonal is an eye-catcher, thanks to its unusual smartphone-style design.

As with other Magic Mirror photo booths, the touchscreen is designed as a giant user interface. This enables the users of the photo mirror to see themselves completely as a mirror image when posing in front of the photo box camera – which increases the fun using the photo booth on one hand and facilitates typical posing in mobile photo machines on the other. As a result, a Magic Mirror like our model Leeds produces particularly unusual and creative photos. With this photo booth, you not only buy a high-quality photo booth, but also an effective crowd-pleaser.

The operation is quite easy: the guests simply touch the touchscreen and make their selection. The system even offers options such as manual signatures on images or the installation of emojs on the photos.


A Magic Mirror like our model Leeds connects the masses simply because of its appearance. But in order to get a real public attraction, high-quality design needs to meet high-quality technology. This definitely can be found in this photo mirror even beyond the Nano PC, which is used as a control system – when you buy the innovative photo booth in combination with a suitable camera and photo printer from us.

Then the Magic Mirror model Leeds with Canon EOS M50 for photo and video-recordings comes to you. The camera captures up to 24 Megapixels, 10 frames per second and even 4K videos. Thanks to ist integrated microphone connection, it can also be to create high-quality video clips – turining the mobile photo booth into a video booth.

In order to hold the resulting photos immediately in your hands, we recommend combining a photo printer with the Magic Mirror. Using the thermal sublimation printing technology, our brand name printers can produce studio-quality photo print-outs within seconds - in many different image formats. With a maximum image quality of 300 x 600 pixels, these high-performance photo printers play at the very top. Thanks to large rolls of high-quality photo paper, the organizer does not have to constantly refill paper for these printers.


All photo mirrors - including our Magic Mirror model Leeds - are made in Germany, manufactured in our house, using exclusively brand quality materials and equipment.

In our master workshop, we develop and professionalize the individual photo box systems - inspired by our many years of experience as event photographers and in the photo booth rental business. When you buy mobile photo boxes from us, you will receive high-quality and long-lasting photo automats that impress with their sturdy housing, sophisticated transport systems and high-quality technology. Innovative photo booth designs such as photo mirrors are custom-made products according to customer requirements. We are happy to advise you on the planning and development of a Magic Mirror photo mirror that is perfectly tailored to your needs – and implement your wishes in the highest quality of workmanship.

Rely on durable professional quality when you buy a mobile photo box: benefit from our experience, expertise and passion for the development and the production of high-quality photo booths. Our Magic Mirror model Leeds is guaranteed to be an absolute eye-catcher for every occassion and every location.